Polio, Birds & Bees

On Saturday October 12th 2019, the Rotary Club of Carpinteria Morning Guatemala Chapter will contribute in cash to match through the celebration of the World Polio Day by sponsoring a full morning activity coordinated by Richard Rivera with 9th grade students of Lake Atitlan on a three-fold objective that includes Birding, Pollination and Polio Awareness.

Birding: We will take children birding to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day (birds migration to the north.)

Pollination: We will look for native pollinating plants and give give a talk on the importance of pollination and the Save Me Peace Project.

Polio Plus: We will give an awareness talk on wild polio-virus, and how back in 1985 when Rotary global initiative for eradicating this disease from the face the earth we had 125 countries with Polio, 350,000 cases per year, and through the incredible effort Rotarians throughout the world in addition to working with our partners we’re down to just two countries Afghanistan and Pakistan where the wild Polio-virus is still circulating and we're down to under 35 cases in 2018.

And on a Saturday of February 2020, we will hold with the Yoga School of Antigua a Yoga Sun Salutation and each students doing the Sun Salutation will contribute $10.00 towards Polio Plus, we hope that the amount we collect then will qualify for a match.

We feel very pleased that through these actions we are contributing towards the Global Polio Eradication Iniciative.